Our classes

Our program offers taekwon-do classes for all ages. We offer classes for children from 5 years old, classes for teenagers and adults. Hablamos Español

Kids Classes

Monday to Friday

the schedule for children's classes is from 18:00-19:00

teens and Adults

Monday to Friday

the schedule for teenagers and adults is from 19:00-20:00

Private lessons

Monday to Saturday

private classes available for convenient times

Our Specialization

In Ocalaitotkd we specialize in developing the practice of Taekwon-do in accordance with the philosophy and biomechanical parameters established by the Founder of this Art, General Choi Hong Hi, this discipline was taught mainly to soldiers and officers of those Armed Forces and then showed in neighboring countries over time was taught around the world.


​Integrity refers to the ability to be responsible for one's own actions through awareness and consequence of what is known to be right or wrong


Courtesy is based on treating others as you would like to be treated, with respect, education and attention. The precepts of courtesy to develop a noble character


To have perseverance is to be able to go back to the beginning, to have patience, confidence, and to know that, with enough intention and preparation, nothing is impossible and no obstacle is too big.

positive attitude

one of the greatest benefits of martial arts is to always maintain a positive attitude regardless of our circumstance since we will always visualize ourselves improving every day


The confidence and the physical preparation derived from the training should be accompanied by knowing how to use these capacities in the right way, with responsibility and temperance

Untamed Spirit

A good Taekwondo practitioner must always be modest and honest. When faced with an injustice, he will act with a combative spirit, without fear or hesitation, regardless of who or how many people he has to face.

the best taekwon-do experience in central florida

our goal is to make our students the best version of themselves